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31 October, 2008

Tokyo Disney!

What to do with a day off in the middle of the week?  Tokyo Disney!  For only 5,800 yen, you too can spend all day with Mickey-san.  Kat and I relished in our childhood dreams and enjoyed people watching on Thursday.  So close to Halloween, visitors were encouraged to wear their favorite Disney costume (but if you wore a Pixar costume, you might be kicked out---ever so politely, of course!).  The Harajuku crowd left Meiji park and found their way to Disneyland to show off their cosplay.  It made people watching even more fun.  James couldn't be bothered with the 90 minute lines for Space Mountain and the Jungle Cruise to join us. 
Tim Burton's Haunted Mansion--the coolest of all rides, so well done it made you feel like you were in the movie. 
I'm not happy with the hat selection---apparently Asian fans of Disney embrace the new, and not the traditional personalized Mickey ears.  Couldn't find one pair of regular Mickey ears in the whole park!
Just like the original!
Great costume...or is it really a costume?  Hard to tell.
In Minnie-san's fridge
Kat throwin' the peace sign at ya.
Such a Japanese scene.  We chased this Cinderella around trying to get her picture as she moved away.  Imposter!  
School children in a line going into the park.  Most Japanese children do wear these uniforms everyday---knee socks, school girl skirt and sailor shirt.

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