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05 November, 2008

Global Victory

This is the first time I've ever been abroad for a major US election and today was an eye-opener to see just how influential and global this election has become.  Throughout school Wednesday (remember the 15-17 hour time difference) every computer was tuned to a news station to watch the map colors change from gray to blue and red.  Australians, Indians, Irish, Brits,  Canadians....everyone was talking about the possible outcomes and the excitement of Obama's win.  The outcome of this election has so many implications around the world, but I have to say, as an American living abroad, I'm proud to now have a president whom the world respects.  I definitely don't envy the job he has before him.

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KP said...

Until you live abroad, you have no idea how much the US impacts the world. This is a magical moment - bask in it! Yes, the world respects Obama, but more importantly Americans have somewhat redeemed themselves for voting him in. Keep posting about this - would be interesting to hear if people in Tokyo continue to be excited about this.