No curve was too sharp for them and their bicycle. No puddle was deep enough to stop them. -- Friends by Helme Hein

07 December, 2011

An International Thanksgiving by the Numbers

1: Number of Thanksgiving meals made by an American and a Japanese, shared with a Chilean and Spaniard, one week before Thanksgiving. 
25 kroner/$5: cost of one bag of fresh cranberries

2: Number of delicious chickens made by a Brit and a Dane, enjoyed and eaten on Thanksgiving day in Denmark

6: number of stores scoured for canned pumpkin
0: cans of pumpkin resulting from search

 14 kilos/30 pounds: weight of fresh, still-feathery turkey we purchased from a farm south of Copenhagen
0: number of turkey necks James had previously chopped off
1: number of turkey necks James has now (and ever will) chopped off
2: number of phone calls made to our vegetarian friend who knows a thing or two about turkey dressing (thanks Charity!)

588 kroner/$105: cost of turkey (holy shnikes!) 
4.5: hours it took to cook the bird, which barely fit in our oven

 5 kilos/11 pounds: difference between the baby and the bird.  The bird wins.
30+: number of people the bird could have fed, if we had not all been sick with colds
 5: minutes it would take Woody to eat this giganto leg--he loves this stuff
18: number of weeks it will probably take us to get through all this turkey in the form of pot pies, sandwiches, soups, get the picture
2036: the next time we unwittingly buy a colossal turkey!