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27 October, 2008

Hiking on Mt. Takaosan

Feeling a little city weary, we tried to get out all weekend.  Our first attempt to go to Nikko failed miserably (no places to stay, missed trains while we were standing on the platform!), so we ended up with a hike on Sunday.  Mt. Takao-san is just about an hour from town by train, but still considered part of Tokyo.  The air was crisp and clean in the mountains and the leaves were just beginning to change.  IT was really beautiful.  The mountain is a spiritual place for Buddhists---the highlight of my day was seeing a Buddhist monk taking his leashed pig on a stroll.  
Apparently there are monkeys all around, but we didn't see any.  
Do you think the monkey's are mad?
Don't know what these little guys represent, but they are cute and everywhere.
Fuji is off in the distance.
Little Buddhas around the temple.

When this guy stretched out he was over a foot long---we couldn't believe how much he moved like a snake.

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YourFrenz said...

Love the pics and to see the cool stuff you're doing. You're not missing much back here.
Will's a headless man, Matea a ladybug, Jackie is Bloody Mary and I'm a dude with a mullet. Halloween is fun
We send pictures soon