No curve was too sharp for them and their bicycle. No puddle was deep enough to stop them. -- Friends by Helme Hein

28 August, 2010

Summer of America

This summer was full of goodness, too much to narrate or list. Instead, a few photos (not in any sort of order) will have to do. Goodbye were too short and so wonderful.
We met our new nephew, Easton, in Utah.

Reunited with old friends and new additions in Portland

made the best of a missed connection in Minneapolis by renting bikes at a nearby park and seeing old friends

James got in some good mountain riding in Utah

Saw another nephew, John, in Colorado. I was so much faster than him.

Picked up a new friend at the beach in Hampton, New Hampshire.

Later we made friends with his cousin when he rambled into our Utah campspot

Saw Blues Traveler with good friends in Portsmouth, New Hampshire at the Red Hook Brewery

Enjoyed being a tourist in Boston while James went to school

Had a lobster with Cory's family in New Hampshire

Celebrated Hilary's engagement with good college friends in Portland

Enjoyed a Red Sox win at Fenway Park from the cheap seats

Even walked to Maine!

Spent the night at a great cabin on a peaceful lake in New Hampshire

Did a little kayaking on that lake

Found the yummiest country store in New Hampshire

Tasted delicious small batch soda at a New Hampshire bottling company

Had mediocre food at a true New England diner with Ude

Visited 90+ year old grandparents in McMinnville

and cousins and aunts and uncles

Saw friends leaving for big trips

and met new friends

James helped salvage a bird nest hurt by fireworks

Basked in Oregon's beauty

Visited friends in Montana (and wrote my thesis where ever I could find a chair and internet connection)

Watched the 4th of July fireworks over Whitefish Lake in Montana

Viewed gorgeous early morning alpenglow in Glacier National Park

oggled wind farms in Montana

loved camping in our truck

and enjoyed the prairies in South Dakota.