No curve was too sharp for them and their bicycle. No puddle was deep enough to stop them. -- Friends by Helme Hein

12 October, 2008

Harajuku Lovers

Harajuku is the home to the Tokyo teen craze Cos-Play. Girls dress like dolls, goth or Little Bo Peep. Boys dress up in mismatch baggy clothes, trucker hats and anything that is the latest craze. They hang out at the edge of Meiji Park and Shrine and sing, dance and just oggle each other. Tourists oggle with their cameras, too (we are no exception). This Sunday it seemed that all things 50's is the latest craze. The park had multiple groups singing and dancing to Grease and even a group of regulars who dress like Kenickie and the Burger Palace boys, with sky high sculpted hair that the do in the park as part of the spectacle. Takeshita Street is crammed with stores to buy costumes, 8 inch platform shoes and $90 t-shirts. After a day with the shopping masses, we joined 20,000 more people at the Radiohead concert at Saitama Super Arena. The Japanese fans are so polite and subdued, if I were Radiohead I wouldn't have come back for that lackluster encore request.

the crowds on Takeshita street
getting just the right amount of height
a little more hairspray, bob

watch them perform!

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