No curve was too sharp for them and their bicycle. No puddle was deep enough to stop them. -- Friends by Helme Hein

18 November, 2008

just living...

I would post something if there was something exciting to write about or show...but we've been working too much.  Worked through our 4 day fall break (workshop), working through Thanksgiving and next Saturday (another workshop) and working for 4 weeks after that until Christmas.  You know how we are, we like to really "understand" the local culture.  We are going to a Kabuki show on Friday night, so if I can take pictures I'll post those.  

Otherwise, life has been a daily stream of work, yoga, cooking, the occasional shopping trip, dinner and drinks with friends and more work, none of which we take pictures of.  We have found a great neighborhood noodle shop that serves huge, piping hot bowls of ramen.  They are heaven on a cold night and its a great time for us to practice our slurping technique and Japanese.  We've started studying Hiragana, the syllabic alphabet (there are at least 3 other ways to write Japanese, but this is the most necessary to learn).  Sunday night we went to a party for a nun to commemorate her 60 years in Japan.  Rockin' evening.  Actually, it was cool to listen to the stories of a very wise, 86 year old Spanish nun who has made her life starting and running the school we work at now.  She is and still kickin' and has a lot of great wisdom to share.  

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