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07 November, 2008

Listening In

I love "adult" conversations by little kids.  With the election, so much of their parent's opinions came into the classroom.  My girls (especially the ones who have 1 American parent) were all giddy about Obama.  Except one "maverick" who said, "I'm voting for McCain because Obama doesn't know what the hec he's talking about!"  Remember, these girls have been in the world for all of 7 years.  Oh how I wish I could have had a recorder for this conversation today, 3 days after the election:

Girl 1: "Do you know that the vice president of McCain has been to only one place?  I'VE been to more places than her!"
Girl 2: "I love Obama."

Girl 3: "Who do you think Ms. Latter voted for?  
Girl 1: "....McCain..."
Girl 3: "...Yeah, I think McCain, too...."  NOTE: This was said very sadly  (what, am I not hip enough???)

Girl 1: Are you a republican?  
Girl 2: "I don't know!!!"
Girl 3.  "You're probably a republican.  I'm a democrat.  If your mom says you're a democrat, you're a democrat."   

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KP said...

I love this!! More, please!