No curve was too sharp for them and their bicycle. No puddle was deep enough to stop them. -- Friends by Helme Hein

14 September, 2011

The Summer That Never Was

Our time spent in Oregon and South Dakota with family and friends was the happiest of the summer.  We were travel weary and ready to see some familiar and welcoming faces. Neither of us wanted to spend our short 6 week summer in and out of countries, on and off planes and lugging around bags, but somehow that's just what we ended up doing.  It's not that we don't love travel and all the experiences, but it's gotten tremendously harder with a baby and after the earthquake and subsequent move around the world, we were tired.  What we wanted was just to relax, as a family, preferably in a beautiful place, with people we loved.  America was perfect and waaaay too short of a visit for us.  Blame it on the fact that August weather in Copenhagen has been anything less than desirable and the impending 7 months of dark and cold I'm told is arriving shortly, but I feel like summer just didn't happen.  I'm still craving the smell of the pine needles under the Central Oregon sun, the taste of fresh berries and delicious beer, and the ease of being around people you love.  These photos are just a few of the great times and great people we encountered on our trip.

 I think I have a bit of a produce fetish.  Gorgeous shots from the Portland State Farmers Market.

We saw our dear friend, Marc, marry the lovely Dawn.
Woody partied like a rockstar at the wedding in his three piece tux. (thanks Lisa & George!)

 We met new friend Louisa, of Ben and Celia fame.

 Woody got a skateboard ride from Uncle Mike.

We watched gorgeous alpenglow in central Oregon and longed to live here again.
 Longboarding in Bend.

The cutest performance ever by the cutest cousins ever: Avery, Ryan, Opal and Lila.
Got some good papa time in South Dakota.
Tracked down ancestors homesteads in Wasta, South Dakota.

 5.5 months!

 Went swimming in the Niobrara River in Nebraska with cousins Ashlyn, Gabriella, and Joseph.

 First creek experience!

 Baby jogging with Anthony in the hot, hot sun.

And saying "see you soon!" to Nana at the airport. 

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Scott and Heather said...

His 5.5 month shot is a framer for sure!