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11 September, 2011

Thai Cooking in Chiang Mai

A few more photos from our cooking class and market tour in Chiang Mai.

We are happily gorging ourselves on delicious, cheap Thai food here in Chiang Mai. Matt and I took a cooking class earlier this week that included a market tour, lessons on herbs and all ingredients and teaching to make 3 dishes. I think I can now expertly prepare a Thai green curry, sweet and sour, and mango with sticky rice for dessert. Oishii!!

Enjoying our dishes with classmates from Boston and Belgium.

While I cooked, the Thai ladies played with Woody. I thought the Japanese loved babies, but man-oh-man, the Thai people adore them! Everyone stops to see him, pet him, play with him. James even got a few offers of daughters for marriage from fathers in the market after seeing him walk through with Woody strapped to his chest.

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