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05 June, 2008

Vranduk Fortress Field Trip

Vranduk fortress and mosque

the six year old classes together

typical Bosnian woman selling souvenirs near the fortress

A few pictures from our field trip to Vranduk Fortress near Zenica. The kids were pumped to ride the bus, eat different food and, oh yeah, see a medieval castle. The drive north, on the major Bosnian thoroughfare, was much less littered this time. What I did notice was how reliant Bosnians are on the land for their survival. Every home we passed had a garden patch. Every person was out tending the crops, no matter the size. Some people squat on small patches of land near the highway or next to parking lots, just to have a little piece of property to grow green onions, lettuce, radishes, corn. The largest park in Sarajevo has lots of these squatter garden patches hidden among the hills. The high unemployment rate forces many people to subsist as farmers.

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