No curve was too sharp for them and their bicycle. No puddle was deep enough to stop them. -- Friends by Helme Hein

19 June, 2008

school's out, boxes are packed

Kids left today. I feel a mixture of excitement about a summer of play and a deep sadness for saying goodbye. One of my little girls cried when she left--for a 6 year old to understand the meaning of goodbye is pretty advanced. People have been exceptionally kind here. Leaving today I am loaded down with Bosnian souvenirs, beautiful handmade scarves, flowers and chocolate.

The boxes are sent to Japan, the apartments are clean, and we have just a few things to do at school before we head to The Netherlands and Belgium for 2 weeks of bicycle riding and camping. Oh, please let it be sunny.
We had a ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS tournament between our classes during the last few minutes of the day. The girl won.
Store owner in Bascarcija wrapping up our copper souvenirs.
Edita likes to call this Bosnian Hot. We were on hunt for the best Bosnian Hot outfits. Do you think they coordinated it?
If my Bosnian is as good as I think it is after a few drinks, I believe the sign on the right is promoting another go at hosting the Olympics in Sarajevo.

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YourFrenz said...

Congratulations on another year abroad. On to new experiences in the Far East. Hope to see you if you get to this neck of the woods.

Safe travels!