No curve was too sharp for them and their bicycle. No puddle was deep enough to stop them. -- Friends by Helme Hein

19 June, 2008

accidents, tour busses, and mines OH MY!

Last weekend we tried to get out of town. It was our last full weekend in Bosnia and we wanted to spend it with Edita, doing something out of the ordinary. Saturday morning we loaded up Buba to drive out to Mt. Maglich, the tallest mountain in Bosnia. The weather was conspiring against us. About 1 hour out of Sarajevo we were the first car to come upon a 2 car accident. We still have no idea how it happened---the road was only slightly curved and there was excellent visibility. One car was severely damaged. While Edita and I freaked out a bit, James gallantly pulled a man out of the damaged car. He will probably be ok, some broken ribs at worst, we hope. The worst part was the tour bus that pulled up behind us. They unloaded, children in tow, to walk up and check out the scene.

We left as soon as we realized we were of no more help and the ambulance was on its way. Not wanting to give up on an adventure, but our road to Maglich being closed, we turned back toward Bjelascnica mountain. The fog was thick and we had trouble seeing in front of us. Along the road was an expedition of de-miners.
It was so eerie to see big men in protective de-mining clothing coming out of the fog at us, with yellow tape all over the side of the road.

We finally had tea at a nice little mountain house called Bijele Vode (White Water). Nevertheless, we went home feeling slightly defeated.

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