No curve was too sharp for them and their bicycle. No puddle was deep enough to stop them. -- Friends by Helme Hein

26 November, 2011


A few photos of Nyhavn, the old port for which Copenhagen is famous. Just a tip if you ever visit: Nyhavn looks like it's pronounced nie-haven, but it's really pronounced new-houn.  Danish is a vowel happy language.

 The colorful houses and store fronts make for a nice place to have a coffee and watch the tourists amble by.  The food must be some of the most expensive in the city, with smørrebrød (open face sandwiches) topping 25 Euros.

 Expensive, trendy real estate today, but in the time of Hans Christian Anderson, I imagine this port was hard living and full of rough characters. 

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Scott and Heather said...

It looks like you are getting out and about when there is daylight! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the holiday season.