No curve was too sharp for them and their bicycle. No puddle was deep enough to stop them. -- Friends by Helme Hein

13 January, 2011

Skype Love From Afar

My friends are amazing.
I may be thousands of miles away from my dear friends, but last weekend, it was like I was in the room.
I sat on my couch in Tokyo, while they gathered around the dining table in Portland.
I ate french toast, they noshed on Asian cuisine.
It was 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning for me, 6:00 p.m. Friday night for them.
I had decaf, wine for the girls.
They opened my gifts, but I still got to ooooh and awwww.
We even played shower games.
It was a like a giant, virtual hug for me and baby.
Pictures of how it went down on Heather's blog.
Thanks for saving me a spot at the dinner table, ladies!
I love you!

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