No curve was too sharp for them and their bicycle. No puddle was deep enough to stop them. -- Friends by Helme Hein

11 January, 2011

Hawaii at Christmas

Our trip to Hawaii was 10 days in a tropical paradise and we didn't want to come home.

We landed to torrential downpours in Honolulu, and if it wasn't for our friends, Emi and Andre, who happened to be staying in Waikiki at the same time, we would have been miserable in the tourist infested town. But, we made the best of the deserted beaches at night and enjoyed the warm sand and sweet smells in the air.

Maui was more our style. Our condo was bigger than our apartment (that's not really saying much) and more good friends, the Kelly Family, joined us in Lahaina. We spent 8 days on the beach in the sun. We saw some amazing fish underwater, James surfed, and we rented a tandem cruiser for a couple of days to get us around town. One day we visited a cute little hippie town called Pa'ia and spotted whales off the coast. I imagine everyone who visits Hawaii dreams, as we did, of selling it all and moving to paradise. One day...

Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach

Emi and Andre in Honolulu

wooden outrigger in Lahaina

incredible hundred year old Banyan tree that spawned at least 6 more trees

Christmas Eve in Lahaina

what we did most days

stand-up paddle boarding

midnight mass on Christmas Eve in Lahaina

the stockings were hung by the pool...or something like that...

James is in the middle about to dive - Jim is contemplating - Vivian wants nothing to do with it - Ryan is already in

biking to the beach...the life

good friends to play with

no tummy laying on the beach for me

nothing keeps some people out of the water

stenciling in Pa'ia

we loved our cruiser

frolicking like my whale friends


Scott and Heather said...

Great photos! Makes me really want to get our trip booked. Maybe you will be up for going back in April? ;)

Wendy Temple said...

Looks like you had a lovely and relaxing Christmas! I am with you, Maui is much more my style. Less touristy and much more peaceful. You look fabulous! I loved seeing a glimpse of your cute little belly.

Jesse said...

Thanks Wendy! Hope you guys are well, too! Wyatt is getting so big and darling:)