No curve was too sharp for them and their bicycle. No puddle was deep enough to stop them. -- Friends by Helme Hein

07 August, 2009

In Love with Oregon and Oregonians

Just a few pictures and notes from my 2 week trip to Oregon. Summer in Oregon makes me want to move back to Oregon. It feels good (hugs from dear friends and family), tastes good (Hammerhead beer) and smells good (the pine needles and fresh air in Bend). I was sad to say goodbye, but it's still good to be home in my cozy apartment in Japan.

My sister, Emma, was radiant at her wedding to Beau at Aspen Hall in Bend. My entire family made it to Bend.

These 3 little lovelies almost stole the bride's show. Cousin Opal, niece and flowergirl Avery, and snugglebug cousin Lila.

Everything in America is just big. Like these awesome cinnamon rolls at Nancy P's bakery in Bend. I'll be drooling over this picture come December when I wish I could get one in Japan.

The Reverend Heather Hopper made me some potent margaritas!

Stayed with the fun Anzaldo family and watched the Cascade Cycling Criterion in Bend. Also enjoyed happy hour with dear old teacher friends, hiking up Tumalo Butte and biking in Shevlin Park. Even had breakfast at Alpenglow with Heather all the way from Switzerland!

More big food. Hello steroids. I've been reading too much food lit to eat these things. You shouldn't either.

The Biedermans treated me to porch drinks in the Japanese room to escape the 105 degree heat that hit the valley. Here's Chuck and his working model of the Shinkansen. I felt right at home.

More lovelies, of the grownup variety. Tia (& baby Lily!), Sarah, Lisa and Gwen threw me a bridal shower with Mexican food and margaritas...

...and some honeymoon surprises!

In McMinnville I stayed with my 93 year old grandparents. We went to this exotic butterfly farm and even went canoeing on Hag Lake. I hope I'm that spry at 93.

Lisa took me to a few Portland dress shops and I found just the perfect one for our little ceremony in October! No, not this one, but I was tempted because it just felt so luxurious.

With only 18 hours till departure time, I managed to get hit in my rental car by a 16 year old driver who'd had his drivers license for less than a month. I guess that was a good send off that made me ready to get back home to my bike and neighborhood that doesn't require driving.


Scott and Heather said...

Where did you see those cinnamon rolls? Also, why did we not get a photo together? Our one time to see each other in 2009 and there is not photo proof! Oh well... I enjoyed your summary.

Ryan Tomac said...

I can't believe you got hit while you were back! That is ridiculous. Glad to hear you were driving a rental. Looks you had a great trip otherwise!

Wendy said...

Glad you had a good visit. Wish I could have seen you while you were here! I am also curious about where you saw those gorgeous and gigantic cinnamon rolls?? Somewhere in Bend? I don't get out much these days :)

Wendy said...

Oh, and you will be a beautiful bride! That dress looks stunning on you, so I can only imagine the real thing! So happy for you, Jess!

KP said...

Ooooh October! Let me know when so I can send a wee pressie (something borrowed? blue?). Glad you enjoyed your trip home. xx