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19 July, 2009

Ultra modern conveniences

I love my toilet. Yes, that's a remote control on the wall. It has many wonderful options, like men's or women's bidet choices, drying, and a heated seat for those cold mornings. It flushes automatically when you stand up. And, it is self-cleaning! Who would have thought one could have such an affinity for an object that is typically so disgusting?

In the shower room, you have only to push a button to fill the tub to the correct level with the perfect temperature bathwater. And if your water gets cold, you can reheat it with another push of a button. Can you figure out which is which? Me neither.

And the camera/call button fixed on the front door to the complex. When the mansion gets full there will be a man who sits in a little booth 24 hours a day to watch over the residents. I learned too late not to hit the top button--it's an emergency call button that I pushed the day I moved in. 15 minutes later a security guard came bounding up the stairs in full regalia, complete with night stick and flashlight, to make sure I was ok. Oops. Stupid gaijin.

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Scott and Heather said...

I had no idea that toilets could be this fancy. I run into more toilets over here that don't even have a toilet seat than I can count.