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07 January, 2009

Happy New Year!

Shocking cold, organized streets and fast trains warmly welcomed us back to Tokyo on Monday. The map makes Thailand look deceivingly close, but it was still a 6 hour flight (only 3 more to make it the States) with a connection in Taiwan. Add in cabs, shuttles and trains, and it takes a full day of travel to get home.

The best (and worst) part of our whole trip to Thailand was the food. Green curries, red curries, massamun, phat thai, fresh mangoes, coconut soups, and oh, the shrimp. My oh my, the shrimp bit back at me. I went a little overboard on the fresh prawns when I saw the affordable prices, and my stinginess got the best of me. Food poisoning hit my last night there and I spent the morning in the airport puking my guts out. 3 days later and the poison is still taking its sweet time leaving my body. Aside from eating the food, I got to spend an afternoon learning to cook Thai food on Koh Samui. It was the highlight of the trip to learn about all the different herbs, colors and flavors. Come visit and I'll make you a delicious homemade green curry and spicy noodle salad.

My camera broke half way through the trip and I can't offload the pictures yet. Fortunately, we still had James's camera for pics. I'll post some soon. I prefer to write with the pictures, but the trip was truly wonderful. Bangkok was every bit as dirty as it's reputation and the shopping was just as cheap. We slept often, ate more often and swam in the Gulf of Thailand. It rained daily on the island, but it was still so pleasantly warm that you could cruise around on a moped in a tanktop all night.

More soon...

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I am always intrigued to read about your fascinating adventures around the world! Glad you had a fun trip to Thailand... BUMMER about the food poisoning! Happy New Year!!!