No curve was too sharp for them and their bicycle. No puddle was deep enough to stop them. -- Friends by Helme Hein

24 January, 2009

2 cars, 2 hits, 2 days--I need to get out of Tokyo

I know I rush too much to get places, but it's the drivers fault, too. I've been tagged by 2 cars in 2 days. They just aren't respecting the crosswalks and I'm plowing through them too fast. Today's car flew out of the McDonalds drive thru and edged into the street without looking at the sidewalks. I couldn't stop in time and went tire first into his passenger side door. While his wife looked on in horror at the gaijin (foreigner) who had hit her car, the driver finally got out to survey the scene. Nevermind checking to see that I'm ok, he first leans over to check out his car, wipe off my tire mark, then retreat away from me in disgust finally asking "daijobu desuka?" Are you ok? I've learned my lesson about rushing, but I'm tired of being looked at in fear because people are afraid they can't communicate with me.

A few more interesting pictures of Tokyo. I'm afraid this blog will get stale if I don't leave Tokyo soon.

crazy Shinjuku buildings

it's like what I imagined the future to be, only without hovering cars

they can do amazing things with cell phone stickers in this country--this is only the start

plastic food in windows has saved our hungry butts a few times

Harajuku crowds

I love this shot--it's everything Harajuku is and more

#10 fureofu fushyo (fillet of fish)

facemasks really are everywhere


James thought she was my japanese look-a-like


YourFrenz said...

Love the pictures, crazy world you two live in...Hard to really express from so far away.
Snow in Bend again, back to winter. All is well on the homefront now that we have a new pres in office. Actually, it doesn't "feel" any different yet.
Piece to you.

KP said...

I am beyond envious...we need a warp exchange, just for a few days, you cycling and walking in the Highlands and me soaking in all the energy of Tokyo. Thanks for posting these pics, I've looked at them a few times now as trying to vicariously feel the Tokyo love!!!
(Subliminal message: SCOTLAND, AUGUST FIRST)

KP said...
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