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19 February, 2012

Felix's First

One year ago, on February 13, James and I went for a walk in the park to see the ume blossoms in Tokyo.  Three days past my due date, I remember moving slowly up the hill, stopping to catch my breath often.  I thought it would still be a few days before we got to meet our little baby.
It must have been the spicy curry I ate that day, because less than 12 hours later I was in labor.  On a snowy Valentine's Day night, we met our little guy for the first time.  The sweet Japanese nurses wrapped him in a tiny terry cloth kimono and gave him to use like we knew what to do with him. 

Today, we have this big kid at one year old.  A lot happens in a year.  More than I could have ever thought--from big earth movements to big family moves.  At one year, that little baby we took home in Tokyo is still in there, but he's now grown into a speedy, independent, adventure seeking, slightly stubborn, curious, social and sweet little boy.  

To celebrate that we all made it through a year (even though James and I look like we've aged five years), we threw a party for Woody.  I'd always thought of first birthday parties as more for the parents than the children, but Woody really seemed to enjoy his day.
Like any crazy mom, I tried my hand at baking the cake.  When it failed miserably, I bought these delicious cupcakes.  Everyone was happy.  I did succeed at making cute little cheddar goldfish crackers, though they were a true labor of love I won't be repeating often. 

True to his international roots, little Felix's guests were from around the world: Denmark, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, UK, and the US. 
He was happy to show off his walking skills and push around his new packages.

The cupcake wasn't a quick hit.  In fact, I think he was a bit unnerved by the attention, the singing and the flame.  

But once he got his fingers in that cream cheese frosting and red velvet cake, there was no turning back.

Before we left Tokyo in June, we bought Woody a shinkansen train set.  We set it up for his first birthday and he was in love.

But then he went all Godzilla on it, and we've since had to put it away until he's ready for it. 

Every good party ends with a kiss.  Woody sure knows how to woo the ladies. This is our cute little 5 year old Mexican-Danish neighbor from upstairs.

 It was a good day and Woody is looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow (or next year, whichever comes first).


Scott and Heather said...

Looks like a fun party! I love the photo of him tackling the girl at the end. We received his birthday card in the mail! I can't wait to see you guys this summer!


Erik R. said...

What a lovely party.

I love the white collar bib.