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25 May, 2010

Eat Your Vegetables?

It's easy to become desensitized to our environment. Fresh sushi, fancy toilet seats, and orderly lines are things unique to Japan that I sometimes take for granted. But, the ridiculousness of individually wrapped veggies and fruit in Japan is one thing I can never seem to forget. This is just a small sampling of the fruits and veg I had on hand. Everything comes in it's own neat little wrapper. Sometimes I wonder which is more harmful, the plastic chemicals seeping into the food or the dirt that could possibly touch an errant lemon?


Scott and Heather said...

Are those green chile peppers?

Jesse said...

I used them like they were jalapeno peppers, but they weren't so strong. So I'm going with green chile peppers. Everything is trial and know how that is!

KP said...

We get those too - disappointingly bland. Is the plastic at least biodegradable?