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22 April, 2010

Glimpses of Japan from the iPhone

James's iPhone captures great images on the fly that we might otherwise be too shy to snap. Every once in a while I remember to pull them off his phone. Here are a few shots of the strange, the bizarre, and maybe even the unimaginable (ok, probably not).

Deep vein thrombosis (economy class syndrome)
This was on a health card at Nagoya airport. As if we poor commoners didn't already have it bad enough back in coach!

I'll never get over outrageously priced fruit. The front 3 melons go from about $100 down to $60.

An $18 bunch of grapes.

At the check in counter for our Air Philippines flight to leave Boracay, we had to step on the scale WITH our baggage! That was when we knew we were dealing with a top notch organization.
*That is not James's hairy arm. I do not know this poor unsuspecting and possibly over-his-weight-limit man.*

Costco Japan: Looks pretty much the same with the exception of the SUSHI counter replacing the deli counter and that young boys run around in pajama pants and Uggs. James got cold in the freezer section and stole my scarf.

I was thinking just a piece---Matt suggested the whole American pie. We've never felt so collectively sick after a meal. Bleh.

Who isn't attracted to a giant fish head in the grocery store?


Scott and Heather said...

Great photos! The fish head is a bit scary.

Kristin Pedroja said...

I love love love the idea of complete weight allowance, including the self! Drives me mad when someone 3x my weight has the same 20 kilo allowance...go Japan! :) All hail the iPhone.