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12 November, 2009

The Ceremony

The ceremony at St. Charles Borromeo church was an hour long...which is exactly as long as James slept the night before due to writing a paper for his university classes.

Unfortunately it's a bit blurry, but James and I walked down the aisle together.

Father Tim read our vows. James's mom thinks he looks like he's sleepwalking.

The church is amazingly detailed in Native American design. The beautiful stained glass windows from Germany were being cleaned, leaving us with the storm windows.

My beautiful sister Emma (and her little baking bun).

Can you see the peace pipe on the altar?

James's sisters Jenny and Roseann, and mom Pansy, with my sister, Emma. James likes this picture of the women in his life.

The purple church! Years ago the church was plagued with graffiti. The priests asked the kids what color they wanted the church to be. The kids said purple and *voila* no more graffiti!

Driving away in the Volvo 1800.

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Wendy said...

Congrats, Jesse! You looked so beautiful and I am so happy for you.