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27 June, 2009

You are going to be Mrs. Foss????

The girls were pretty cute and excited when I told them I was marrying Mr. Foss. Not only that their teacher was getting married, but to another teacher in the school! This card below is pretty great. If you look closely you can see that the drawing of me is dreaming of having children and the drawing of James is dreaming of a house. Their concept of marriage is so funny. A few memorable quotes:
  • Are you marrying him just because you like the ring?
  • Will you get mad at him and ask him to go to the garage and he'll just start drinking lots of wine and then you will yell.
  • To Mr. Foss: "Did you ask Ms. Latter to marry you." "Yes." "What would you have done if she said no?" "Asked another second grade teacher." "Oh, yeah."
  • Can you get married during our music special class so we can sing for you?
  • But Mr. Lewis (the other second grade teacher) will be so sad that you are marrying someone else. His heart will be broken.
  • Don't get married in America because there is swine flu there!

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KP said...

LOL! Loves it.