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03 February, 2009

The Fattest Rolls I've Ever Seen

James and I had a delicious traditional Setsubun dinner tonight. We imagine this is how every Japanese family celebrates the Setsubun holiday to mark the first day of Spring on the Japanese calendar.

We learned (by eavesdropping in on the girls Japanese class at school) that we need to throw beans at the devil. So, I bought a devil mask, a mistletoe, and a bag of dried soybeans (mame). We turned on James's shortwave radio and happened to find a Japanese/English lesson that repeated the directions of Setsubun over and and over and over. Our Japanese is no better now, but our English sure is getting worse.

The first direction we followed was to find out who the oldest person in the house was. That's James. He had to eat 33 beans (of course, I only had to eat 23). We threw the rest out the door and into the corners of the house while chanting Oni wa soto! (Demons, get out!) and Fuku wa uchi! (Good luck, come in!). I threw a few at the devil (James) and then we sat down to eat the biggest, fattest sushi rolls I've ever seen. Each roll must have weighed 5 kilos and when I got them after school I was elbowed by a few moms in the most easy going, yet forceful way possible, who wanted to make sure they got their own Setsubun rolls. James was disappointed there was no football on the TV for this holiday and I know I'll be picking up beans off my floor for weeks.

Of course, there are always websites that give more knowledgeable and accurate descriptions of non-gaijinized Setsubun.

Oni wa soto!

A table set for Setsubun

Hard to tell, but each one must be the circumference of a smushed can of tennis balls. Notice the ogre enjoying his fat roll?


Scott and Heather said...

I would love to have a sushi roll that big right now! I miss sushi so much. One of these nights we are going to have to splurge on some sushi to satisfy my craving.

Jesse & James said...

Ooh, I totally missed sushi when I lived in Switzerland. You do begin to miss the lack of ethnic food after a while, but I guess we are spoiled in the States.

KP said...

I miss sushi too! We've got a great Thai place and of course a million curry places, but the only place for 'sushi' is Marks & Spencer and it's rubbery pish. I need to find a fishmonger and learn to make it.

I love the ogre with the mighty sushi roll!