No curve was too sharp for them and their bicycle. No puddle was deep enough to stop them. -- Friends by Helme Hein

04 May, 2008

Lazy days in Croatia

We honored our hard laboring efforts all year long by taking a trip to Croatia for Labor Day (the European one, anyway. Can we celebrate Labor Day in America, too?). After 6 hours of Buba driving, we arrived at Podstrana, a quiet little town 10 minutes south of Split. Our apartment was on the rocky beach and the sun shone all weekend. Cory and Edita are perfectly modeling what we did for 4 days---a lot of nothing.

These palm trees in the garden of our apartment are 55 years old! The whole garden smelled of freesia and was overgrown with tropical flowers.

Cory, James and Edita in Split.

James sporting his best tourist get-up on the Riva in Split. Those palm trees are incredible. Split has become a huge Croatian destination. It's also a port stop for many cruises--another reason to spend more time at our apartment and less in the city.

A very telling picture of the scene in Split--no longer a hidden gem. The old lady licking her ice cream cone amongst groups of tourists was great.

Diocletian's Palace in Split wasn't much to see, but good for a picture or two. Most of it now holds stalls for souvenirs.

We stopped in Mostar, BiH for lunch on our way home. Cory's t-shirt is a take on the Nokia advert--Rakija is a local brandy made from fruit. And it doesn't taste fruity, more like gasoline.

James & Jesse in Mostar

Trinkets for sale in Mostar. I bought a new Tito magnet--we bought one the last time we came to visit, but gave it to our pansion host, Marijiana, who kissed it and put it her pocket. Dirck--you recognize the handmade one-of-a-kind cigarette holder?


Sandra said...

Jessie, I have to say your hubby looks super hot in the unibommer beard. Who know James could rock it.

YourFrenz said...

Great trip but who is that masked man.

Put on a turbin and you can share anyones hooka..

Vacations are great!