No curve was too sharp for them and their bicycle. No puddle was deep enough to stop them. -- Friends by Helme Hein

08 April, 2008


Most walk-a-thon's I have attended involve real exercise, usually healthy food at the finish line and a generally healthy atmosphere. But unless that atmosphere has been cultivated as the norm, a walk-a-thon can be a very different event in another culture. In Sarajevo, cigarettes, high heels and stops along the way for the pekara (bakery) and coffee were the norm. In their defense, this was the very first walk-a-thon type event in Sarajevo and I don't know that most people knew what to expect. It was sponsored by the International Womens Club and Avon in efforts to raise money for a mammogram machine for the hospital in Sarajevo.
Sarajevo women wear high heels for everything--even to exercise apparently!
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