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06 March, 2008

Must See

I usually fall asleep during movies, but these are 3 I recently watched that have really left an impact on me. The scenes and words and music keep replaying in my head, hours after the movie ends. I realize we aren't usually ahead of popular culture in Sarajevo, so please forgive me if these are "sooo last year" at home in America. I want the soundtrack for each of them:
  • Darjeeling Limited (a colorful and musical feast for the senses. And Adrien Brody...)
  • Into the Wild (gorgeous cinematography and a raw story full of love)
  • Juno (a teen flick that redeemed itself with great music and a real, heartfelt story)

1 comment:

Sandra said...

All of these are fairly new. I recently saw Darjeeling Limited but am waiting for Juno and Into the Wild to come out on video. Sarajevo's "Hot" movies are actually pretty much on the ball with what's new.
I love Kimaya Dawson... she's the one who did most of the Juno soundtrack. I'm looking forward to seeing it.
In other news Paul and I fly into Paris on the 20th of June. Any chance we can meet up.