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04 November, 2007

US Marine Corps Ball at the Holiday Inn

John and Claudia invited us to the US Marine Ball on Saturday night. Every country holds a ball in honor of the Marine's November birthday. The Sarajevo ball was held at the Holiday Inn, built in 1983 to welcome guests for the '84 Winter Olympics. During the war it was the home of foreign journalists. Today, it looks the same as it did in 1984, brown and green walls with hints of burnt orange accents. We dined on plates bearing the Olympic insignia...amazing they have lasted almost 25 years. "Informer" and "Macarena" blared over the speakers as women wearing recycled bridesmaid dresses danced as if we were all back at a high school prom. Ever Oregon proud. Go Ducks!
Yes, this is our boss. Yes, he asked for this.
Our hosts, James's brother, John, and his wife Claudia.


KP said...
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KP said...

I went to this in Slovenia...interesting, huh? Very rah-rah Americana, but I had a blast. The second year Matt came with me and we went with another couple - Matt and Bob wore their kilts and the marines were rather peeved as the boys were stealing their thunder with the posh old ladies! Very funny.

Gdje si!